Wednesday, March 18, 2009

 Hubby says today should be a great day to get out into the flower garden! Yay!
So... I am going to get out there and prepare for Spring!!
I have finally bought some healthy blueberry and raspberry bushes to plant. I have been wanting to plant some for years.
I have some new tulips and other flowers to plant as well.
Lots of work to do today, so I'd better get going. Have a lovely pre-Spring day!

above art work by: Tina Wenke for PC


  1. Hey sis make sure you plant enough to give me some of those berries lol love you

  2. HEYYY! And don't forget about me! LOL!
    I love you sissy!MUUAAAAHHHHH! By the way, I love you bloggie! :o)