Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something to share. A poem or a rhyme.

The Kitchen Table

If you peer close enough I am sure you will see
my nicks and my scars
from those who have gathered ‘round me.
Just so you know they are not in vain
They are from littler, much smaller hands
with no remorse or regret nor sorrow of any kind.
Almost always covered with ickies, stickies, and grime
Cookies and jam and yummies of all kinds.
Happier days, joyous occasions, and even sometimes a little sad
all shared by this family through both the good times and bad.

In just a moment, a small moment in those times
these little fellows to me were not always so kind.
With fork in one hand and spoon in the other
they would sometimes get silly and just wanting to play
they would bang and drum down on me my soft wood giving way.
Making nicks, cuts, and scratches that none would repair
whether they could or could not those scars remain there.
So these dents that I bear both smaller and huge
were made by those whose times gathered round me
will be all too few.
So I bear them in mind to all those who see
Not only adults, but children gathered ‘round me.

Julie Lane-02/2009® Registered & Protected

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A heavy leaf to turn.

Wow! I am excited to be back posting to my new blog!

I have been shopping and browsing the net for the past few days. Got a couple of good deals on E-bay. (Yay for me!) lol!

I've browsed a few really nice looking blogs today. I really liked the headers on their blogs. I have got to figure out how to make my own so I purchased Corel's Painter X today so I can. Can't wait to get it. I already had the corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, but it is not really an artsy program. I have had, or I should say, have various versions of Paint Shop Pro before Corel took it over but I never really got in full swing with it. Hopefully version X will not be so complicated to master or at least do what I need to with it. I suppose I'll have to get totally focused to get all this stuff done that I need to do, like focusing on a way to publish my own art. Which actually brings me to the topic I really wanted to post on my blog today...

My youngest sister, being a fellow chocolate lover but not near the chocoholic that I am, had mentioned to me on several occasions about trying this chocolate that I had not tried before, so, the other day while at the local super store, I purchased some. Brought it home and tried it. Yes, it was very good chocolate. Very creamy good. Well I quickly noticed that inside each individual wrapper was a phrase. Pretty interesting ones too but the one I opened yesterday, I kept in hopes that I will apply it to my own life. it read like this, "Bring your life to life: stop planning, start doing." Seeing that I have been wrestling with myself since the first of the new year, to finally focus on just a couple of the talents that I have and develop them fully and leave the rest to fill in any blanks that might be along the way, I took this little phrase straight to heart. But as we all know change isn't easy for most of us. So, I decided to try to focus on the things I really need to, no, I am going to change in my life. Focus on them until they are changed. This blog for instance, is one thing I have wanted to do for quite a long time, I just did not know how or where to begin, but because of my greater desire to do out weighed my fear to do so, here I am! Writing my very own blog, even if no-one reads it but me, I will always be glad that I did it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All Things Cute & Colorful

I have been blessed with such wonderful interests and talents. I have tried my hand at many things in the creative world. One of my less desirable traits being too much of an perfectionist and having so many interests has kept me from accomplishing and completing a great many things that I wish to have completed. Now, at the age of 45 years, I hope to focus my attentions on just a couple or at most a "few" things to major upon. I have always loved color and most things associated with color. Like, what I call, cute art, from artists like Mary Engelbreit , Brenda Walton, and so many more. I had always loved almost any form of art, mostly ceramics, drawing, and painting. I wanted so much to be able to create the things my mind imagined but I did not begin to develop that talent until I was in my early 30's. I found that I could wield a computer mouse well enough to "mouse out" my own "cute" art work. So my real journey began into the world of all things imagined, adorable, colorful, and fun! And so I have a few books of drawings that need to be brought out and somehow published so that others can maybe experience the same joy I had in creating them and to experience a little of the joy that can come from seeing only the cute and sweet little things that can cause our hearts to float lighter as the corners of our mouths to turn upward to a smile if only for just a few, brief moments.