Friday, June 19, 2009

Gettin' Ahead of Myself??!

I was browsing you tube for cool paper crafting ideas when I came across these two characters! They were soooo cute I just had to stop and take time to make them! They are made to wrap around the snack size Kit Kat or Hershey chocolate bars. I thought I'd try my hand at writing the tutorials to make these cuties here on my blog. Sooo here it goes!! This tutorial is for "Mr. Mummie".

*All cardstock and ink pad are "Close To My Heart." If you need supplies contact me via my email addy on my CTMH Biz web site.

The supplies you will need for Mr. Mummie are:

You really just need scraps of the following cardstock.
Black Cardstock #1386
Desert Sand Cardstock #1273
Bamboo Cardstock #1301
White Daisy cardstock #1385
Chocolate Stamp Pad #Z211
Paper Trimmer #Z338
Cosmetic Sponge
5/8 Circle punch
1/4 Circle or Hand Punch
Craft Tweezers (opt.) but I can't live without 'em!
Glue Pen and/or snail adhesive -Glue Pen #Z553-Snail #1514
or Glue of your choice
Kit Kat or Hershey snack size candy bar
For the candy wrapper:
Using the Desert Sand cardstock,
Cut one 3x31/2 inch piece.
On the 3 1/2 inch side
Score at 1 1/8 & 3/4 on each side.
I did not crease the folds until later.
For the Mummy Body:
From the Bamboo card stock cut
2 pieces at 3x1 1/8
Across the 1 1/8 side, tear one piece of the Bamboo card stock in smallish strips.
Using the cosmetic sponge, start sponging the chocolate ink onto the edges of the torn strips.
Do a test on a scrap to determine how heavy to apply the ink.
For the Eyes:
Punch two 5/8 circles from the White Daisy cardstock.
Punch two 1/4 circles from the Black cardstock.
There's those trusty tweezers!!
Adhere the black 1/4 circles to the white ones, testing for placement before applying glue.
Finishing the mummy:
Before applying my torn strips and eyes to the second strip, I laid them out dry for placement.
Cover the second strip with glue or snail adhesive. Begin applying the torn strips to the solid strip. Add the eyes at the position you would like them. (Be sure to cover portions of the eyes with the torn strips.)

Apply adhesive to the back of your mummy and center him onto the scored 3x3 1/2 wrapper.
If you had not already you can burnish the score lines now.
Apply a narrow strip of adhesive to the right side of one of the back flaps.
Place remaing flap over the adhesive and finger press closed.
Congrats!! You have made your very own Mummie!!

Leave me a link in the comments box so I can see your creations!

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  1. These are really cute Julie, a great idea!