Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something to share. A poem or a rhyme.

The Kitchen Table

If you peer close enough I am sure you will see
my nicks and my scars
from those who have gathered ‘round me.
Just so you know they are not in vain
They are from littler, much smaller hands
with no remorse or regret nor sorrow of any kind.
Almost always covered with ickies, stickies, and grime
Cookies and jam and yummies of all kinds.
Happier days, joyous occasions, and even sometimes a little sad
all shared by this family through both the good times and bad.

In just a moment, a small moment in those times
these little fellows to me were not always so kind.
With fork in one hand and spoon in the other
they would sometimes get silly and just wanting to play
they would bang and drum down on me my soft wood giving way.
Making nicks, cuts, and scratches that none would repair
whether they could or could not those scars remain there.
So these dents that I bear both smaller and huge
were made by those whose times gathered round me
will be all too few.
So I bear them in mind to all those who see
Not only adults, but children gathered ‘round me.

Julie Lane-02/2009® Registered & Protected

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