Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A heavy leaf to turn.

Wow! I am excited to be back posting to my new blog!

I have been shopping and browsing the net for the past few days. Got a couple of good deals on E-bay. (Yay for me!) lol!

I've browsed a few really nice looking blogs today. I really liked the headers on their blogs. I have got to figure out how to make my own so I purchased Corel's Painter X today so I can. Can't wait to get it. I already had the corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, but it is not really an artsy program. I have had, or I should say, have various versions of Paint Shop Pro before Corel took it over but I never really got in full swing with it. Hopefully version X will not be so complicated to master or at least do what I need to with it. I suppose I'll have to get totally focused to get all this stuff done that I need to do, like focusing on a way to publish my own art. Which actually brings me to the topic I really wanted to post on my blog today...

My youngest sister, being a fellow chocolate lover but not near the chocoholic that I am, had mentioned to me on several occasions about trying this chocolate that I had not tried before, so, the other day while at the local super store, I purchased some. Brought it home and tried it. Yes, it was very good chocolate. Very creamy good. Well I quickly noticed that inside each individual wrapper was a phrase. Pretty interesting ones too but the one I opened yesterday, I kept in hopes that I will apply it to my own life. it read like this, "Bring your life to life: stop planning, start doing." Seeing that I have been wrestling with myself since the first of the new year, to finally focus on just a couple of the talents that I have and develop them fully and leave the rest to fill in any blanks that might be along the way, I took this little phrase straight to heart. But as we all know change isn't easy for most of us. So, I decided to try to focus on the things I really need to, no, I am going to change in my life. Focus on them until they are changed. This blog for instance, is one thing I have wanted to do for quite a long time, I just did not know how or where to begin, but because of my greater desire to do out weighed my fear to do so, here I am! Writing my very own blog, even if no-one reads it but me, I will always be glad that I did it.

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